Make political leaders accountable


To the Editor:

This is an appeal to all the citizens of Pictou County and beyond. It is critical that we express our concerns about the pumping of effluent into the Northumberland Strait by Northern Pulp.

The potential environmental impact is terrifying. Can they really tell us that the effluent is not toxic? Can they tell us that this will not be another Boat Harbour? If Northern Pulp is so assured that there is no risk of environmental pollution then they should not be concerned about having a level 2 environmental assessment done.

I am listing the email addresses of our political leaders both provincial and federal. PLEASE take the time to send an email to express concerns and implore them to do the right thing to protect our environment. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

It is time to make our political leaders accountable for the role that they fill.

Keith Colwell Minister of Fisheries — min_dfa@gov.ns.ca

Dominic LeBlanc, Fisheries Minister Canada — dominic.leblanc@parl.gc.ca

Iain Rankin, minister of Environment NS — minister.environment@novascotia.ca

Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment Canada — ec.ministre-minister.ec@canada.ca

Steven MacNeil, Premier NS — premier@gov.ns.ca

Tim Houston, MLA Pictou East — pictoueastsuc@gmail.com

Pat Dunn, MLA Pictou Centre — patdunnmla@bellaliant.com

Karla MacFarlane, MLA Pictou West — pictouwestmla@bellaliant.com

MP Sean Fraser — Sean.Fraser@parl.gc.ca

Justin Trudeau, prime minister — justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca

Margaret Facey


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