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West Pictou Consolidated school’s Grade 2 class has been focusing on empathy this year. To help such a young age grasp the concept, the kids have been making regular trips to the Oddfellows Home in Pictou to spend time with the seniors playing games and enjoying each other’s company.

For the holidays, the class members decided they wanted to invite their special guests to get a sneak preview of their Christmas concert. The residents arrived and had a special seating area with tea and coffee and cookies set out for them.

The West Pictou Me to We committee also got involved helping out and brightening up the holidays for the residents. With a connection from the Grade 2 class, a committee arranged to prepare and hand out Christmas cards to the residents.

“We were going to make cards so we decided to give them to the older people,” said Myah Ernst of the Me to We club. The Grade 2 class was also invited to take part in this initiative by helping out with the cards.

“Some people at nursing homes don’t have visitors this time of year,” said Tess Murray. The kids put together recycled Christmas cards that will be put in the mailboxes at the Oddfellows home. It was easy to see the impact the concert and goodwill from the kids had on the residents as they sat in their chairs giggling and smiling as they enjoyed the show.

From the left, front: Kyle Stackhouse and Charlie White. Middle: Lily Hotson, Claudia Diggs. Back: Tess Murray, Myah Ernst, Brennan Archibald and Brielle MacDonald. The students show off some of the cards they have made for the residents of the Oddfellows home. (Brimicombe photo)

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