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A sports quiz for the holiday


1. Who coached the New Glasgow Rangers in 1951-52 when they won the Nova Scotia senior hockey championship, then lost the Maritime title to a university team?

2. Name the team’s goalie that year who was a native of Western Canada.

3. When the Rangers won the provincial title again three years later, who were the three members of what was called New Glasgow’s Kid Line?

4. The Rangers’ Maritime Senior Hockey League championship in 1964-65 occurred in front of 3,200 fans at New Glasgow Stadium when which Ranger scored a hat-trick?

5. Which two men made significant contributions to Pictou County sports and also served the town of Trenton in the mayor’s office?

6. How many seasons were the Stellarton Albions members of the legendary Halifax and District Baseball League?

7. Name the two brothers who were outstanding hockey goaltenders and played against each other in the powerful Maritime Big Four.

8. The Pictou Maripacs won the APC Hockey League crown in 1952-53 with veteran stars Tic Williams and Mark Babineau, but who was the 20-year-old who made a significant contribution?

9. In what season did the Trenton Scotias win the Maritime senior A softball crown after losing that honour in the Maritime final a year earlier?

10. Who were the three Cape Bretoners who came to Pictou County to play baseball in 1947 and remained to be stars for county clubs in ball and hockey?

11. When the Stellarton Royals were leading the APC standings in 1953-54, what New Year’s Day tragedy did the club overcome that winter?

12. Soon after that, Stellarton coach Leo Fahey added a player to the roster whose play helped the Royals win the Nova Scotia championship. Who was the addition?

13. Name the American who played for the Stellarton Albions near the end of the franchise’s existence, married a New Glasgow girl, then played for the Chicago Cubs.

14. Name the pitcher who lost to the Albions in Stellarton, then won his first major league game for the Chicago Cubs just one week later.

15. Name the four bowlers who participated in a marathon at New Glasgow’s Heather Lanes when three of them set world records.

16. The Thorburn Junior Mohawks won three consecutive Maritime titles in the 1960s with which two players starring in both pitching and batting roles?

17. The 1965 Stellarton Keith’s beat what team to win the Nova Scotia baseball crown by scoring six times in the seventh inning for a 7-6 verdict in the clinching game?

18. What local team, over a seven-year period, won an amazing 91 times in 97 games in what was perhaps the greatest run any county team ever enjoyed?

19. In what year did Scott Weeks establish the Weeks Hockey Organization by entering a team at the AAA midget level?

20. When East Pictou Rural High School won the 1958-59 Nova Scotia high school A hockey crown in front of 3,000 fans at New Glasgow Stadium, who was the head coach?

21. Which hockey player from Pictou County had a promising professional career end when he suffered a devastating injury at the New York Rangers camp?

22. The night I was inducted into the Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame in 2003, what county golfer and local all-round sportsman were also inducted?

23. When the 1956-57 Stellarton High School hockey team won the Nova Scotia banner, who scored 19 goals in 11 playoffs games to lead the way?

24. Name the fellow who was a mailman in his day job and a pitching star on the softball diamond as a member of the senior Thorburn Mohawks.

25. During boxer Art Hafey’s years in Los Angeles, he rose to number one contender in the world featherweight division by winning how many of 48 fights?

26. Which two senior hockey stars in the 1950s-60s era were given special nights and presented with brand new automobiles?

27. When Jon Sim, Colin White and Derrick Walser helped the Weeks Construction midget AAA club win the Nova Scotia championship, who was the head coach?

28. When Halifax brought back the annual Blue Nose Marathon, which Pictou County runner won the event four times in the first six years?

29. Following the first Johnny Miles Marathon in 1975, George MacKay stepped down as chairman and was replaced by whom?

30. It wasn’t until 1956 that a Pictou County boxer made it to an Olympic Games. Who was that fighter?

31. When the New Glasgow Bombers won the Nova Scotia senior hockey title in the waning days of the Second World War, who was the 17-year-old in New Glasgow’s lineup?

32. Just prior to the outbreak of war, which Pictou County hockey star played a game in front of Adolf Hitler in Berlin?

33. In 1979, a 20-year-old was so badly injured in a motorcycle accident at Blue Acres, there was fear he wouldn’t survive. Yet 22 years later, he was inducted into the Pictou County Sports Heritage Hall of Fame for his career in wheelchair sports. Name him.

Editor’s note: Answers can be found in Hugh’s latest book Remembering Pictou County and will be listed in his next column.

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