Johnsons holiday at home


LYONS BROOK — The Johnson brothers have few opportunities to spend time together at home, or anywhere.

But the three practitioners of basketball enjoyed one brief opportunity over Christmas at their home in Lyons Brook.

Ben and Nathan Johnson were joined by their older brother, Bryson, who is an assistant coach at Brown University in Providence, R. I. and had to rejoin the team for holiday events.

“It’s great to be home,” said Nathan, who left on New Year’s Day. “I don’t get a lot of off time.”

Bryson joined Brown this season after two seasons as a graduate manager at George Mason University. He previously starred with the Bucknell Bisons who, during his tenure, won three straight league championships and dropped in 1,184 points to place him 11th in team history.

He played pro basketball in Canada and Germany before joining George Mason.

Nathan is head coach at the Orangeville Prep school in Ontario. They have a 15-2 won-loss record in league and tournament matches this season.

“It’s going really well,” he said. “It’s a great environment. I have an excellent team. The kids play hard. And we’ve improved as a team over the last two years. I’m very happy where I am.”

Ben is attending Dalhousie Law School and hopes he can practise law in Pictou County.

He previously coached the boys team at New Glasgow Academy, as well as teams associated with the Pictou County Lightning when he had time.

“I play a little intramural basketball now and then,” he said. “I love coaching kids and would love to get back into coaching. I’d like to stay in Pictou County.”

From left: Ben Johnson and his brother Nathan Johnson got a chance to spend time at home in Lyons Brook over the holidays. (Goodwin photo)

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