Chill Out weather not so chilly

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Last weekend’s weather might not be reflecting it, but winter is here and it’s just the beginning.

To help kick off the beginning of the chilliest season, the Town of New Glasgow held its annual Chill Out event on Saturday at the farmer’s market as a way to also help kick off winter carnival season in town.

With the lack of snow and blowing rain this year, a number of the Chill Out events had to be cancelled. The ice sculpting display is to be held at one of the other winter carnival events this year since the +16-degree weather would not have allowed for it on Saturday. The North End Recreation Centre will be holding this year’s marshmallow roasting activity due to Saturday’s rain.

Although some of the activities were postponed, one of the most popular attractions — the Sobeys Chili Cook-off — saw a big crowd of people all gathered in the farmers market dome building. The event featured more competitors this year than ever before with two new categories.

“It’s a big crowd,” said Janine Linthorne, one of the organizers.

This year, along with the home cook, firefighters, media and chef categories, there were three competitors for the town council challenge and a school challenge featuring Northumberland Regional High School and North Nova Education Centre.

“We’ve always had a really good turnout in the past,” said Linthorne about the event. Each year, they invite chefs from each category to create their best chili and put it up against others from the same category. The votes are cast by the public who has the chance to sample a couple of bites from each person’s chili. When the votes are tallied up, the winner is announced and receives a prize.

“The chili competitors are taking it very seriously,” Linthorne laughed. Many competitors not only included chili but toppings like tortilla chips, cheese, sour cream and green onions. Competitors in the chef category even kicked it up a notch with homemade sauces or sour creams, bread bowls and other additions.

“It’s really fun to get people out with their creative side,” she said.

Lauchlan Walsh, 4, holds a New Glasgow Chill Out sign during this year’s Chill Out chili competition. (Brimicombe photo)

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