McNeil government is a dictatorship


To the Editor:

With the attack on public school boards, the McNeil government continues to dismantle the democratic rights of Nova Scotians. School boards give local citizens a direct voice in education, ranging from student-teacher ratio, input on curriculum, selection of senior staff, and the quality of education.

This dictatorial approach has dismantled the bargaining rights of health workers, teachers and public servants. Health care has been relegated to the lowest quality in Canada, and there is no vestige of concern over environmental issues. The government has ignored the proposal by the off-shore owners of Northern Pulp in Pictou to directly pump pulp waste effluent into the Northumberland Strait.

At the same time as he is stripping citizens and public-sector workers of their democratic rights, he is courting the Chinese government with numerous trips to China at public expense, seven at last count. He is no doubt being wined and dined by the owners of Northern Pulp, the Sinar Mas corporation, so that they can continue to devastate what is left of our forests, and pollute the environment.

This government is a dictatorship plain and simple. It is time for a public revolt. Citizen rights must be restored, while any vestige of a representative government remains. McNeil and his cohorts are a Neanderthal throwback and deserve Nova Scotians total condemnation and rejection.

Michael Pierce

Three Brooks Road

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