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The kids of Pictou County showed how much they care about their community last Thursday during the latest 100 Kids Who Care meeting at the Westside Community Centre.

During this meeting, three presentations were made by three children on the charity of their choice. During voting, the kids could choose between the SPCA, the IWK hospital and Earth Arc animal shelter.

Earth Arc ultimately won a $145 donation for the organization that helps animals with $50 each going toward the IWK and the SPCA Pictou County Chapter.

Lexi Comeau, 6, the presenter for Earth Arc, was over the moon when she found out that her charity had won the money. She had first heard about the organization when her mom told her a bit about it and decided that it was a charity that deserved help because it helps animals.

“I wanted to help the animals and help them pay for their food,” said Comeau. She added that she was very happy and excited that she will get to give the charity the money.

“I’m going to see the animals,” she said. “They’re animals that don’t have homes.”

During the meeting a representative from Viola’s Place, the last organization that received money from the kids, updated the group on the homeless shelter and shared that the donation from the children helped their cause a lot — not only financially but that seeing children giving money to an organization made many others realize that it was important for them to give to it as well.

Lexi Comeau, 6, gives her presentation on Earth Arc animal shelter. (Brimicombe photo)

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