DSTN upkeep becoming a question of finances

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TRENTON — The Liberals are hoping to generate interest in the former DSTN facility once again.

With a two-year vacancy and the building in receivership, the government has been paying $150,000 a month to maintain the former DSME property in hopes that a buyer will come forward. Last Thursday, Geoff MacLellan, minister of Business, toured the property to become familiar with it.

The minister toured the former railcar-turned wind turbine facility to get a sense of “what the overall asset compliment is.” With the money going into the property, security and upkeep of equipment and buildings, MacLellan said that so far there has not been any official interest in the property, meaning there has not been any formal financial commitments.

With budget approval at the end of March, to continue with the upkeep of the property the fate of it after this has not yet been decided. MacLellan said he will have to present to government and prove what an asset the property is and that it is worth it to continue spending on it to maintain its upkeep.

“This can’t continue indefinitely,” he cautioned.

The idea behind the security and maintenance of the property is to prevent the deterioration of some of the equipment that is still there, he said.

“We don’t want to let this go for a salvage value.”

After his tour of DSTN, MacLellan made his way to Northern Pulp to talk with management about the current situation at the mill as it is another large business asset in the community.

Minister of Business Geoff MacLellan stands in front of DSTN just after his tour last Thursday afternoon. (Brimicombe photo)

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