West Pictou students seek support in national contest

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Time to get out the voting machine once again, Pictou County. This time, for West Pictou Consolidated School.

Some students there have entered a Parks Canada online contest so their class can win a trip to national parks in Ontario. And they need our help to get there.

Just visit http://www.myparkspass.com, click on Contests, look for The Curiosities of the Halifax Citadel and go from there. Vote now and vote often.

Here is a submission from two students of the school regarding the contest:

This year, West Pictou Consolidated School Grade 8 French Immersion class entered a contest for Parks Canada’s Coolest Class Trip. The first place prize of this contest is an all-expenses paid trip to all the national parks of Ontario for our whole class!

For this contest we had to create a photo essay with five pictures. To do this we went to the Halifax Citadel and learned a lot of interesting information about the Citadel and WW1 and WW2.

Once we got back home after our day of exciting adventures at the Halifax Citadel we spent three months working on a project for the grades 4,5 and 6 classes at our school. When we finished presenting our project, we created our photo essay using the pictures we took of us presenting our amazing project as well as when we were at the Citadel.

Now that we have submitted our project we need you guys to go vote for our essay! Voting opened up March 5 and closes March 21; make sure to tell your friends and family too!^

Submitted by Jasmine MacKenzie and Quiana Crant

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