Glen Haven Manor’s Facebook launch attracts viewers


NEW GLASGOW — Glen Haven Manor launched a Facebook page for the long-term care facility earlier this month and since then, it has continued to garner attention and positive comments.

The page ( will be a complement communications piece to the newly enhanced Glen Haven Website (

In the one week following the launch of the Glen Haven Manor Facebook page, between March 7 and 14, there were 5,328 post engagements. It also had an 8,700 page reach during this time frame. The profiles of the five staff members and one resident had a very positive response. Many people mentioned they found the profiles interesting and motivating and noted they have great admiration and appreciation for those featured. Those profiled represented a variety of positions and experiences: Linda Mayo, Resident Council president; Marnie MacDonald, LPN; Darlene Izzard, CCA lead; Lisa MacKinnon, CCA lead and soon to be LPN; Donna MacLane, director, Community, Relationships and Engagement and Janice Jorden, Employee Relations specialist.

“Our Facebook page will serve as useful communications for our stakeholders and community,” says Glen Haven Manor CEO Lisa M. Smith.

“With the constant growth of social media and the ever-evolving tech abilities of residents, families and staff, it is important that we find ways to diversify our communications methods. In today’s world people obtain information through their mediums of choice — whether it be traditional media such as local newspapers, radio or television or through social media. We are committed to enhancing our communications presence in both traditional and social media and recognize both as valuable.”

The Facebook features Glen Haven’s individualized quality care services, events, programs and projects and will highlight the best practises and national standards required for Glen Haven’s accreditation status by Accreditation Canada.

“In addition to sharing recent news stories about happenings at Glen Haven, we launched the page with an International Women’s Day series profiling six women leaders in our organization, both new and long standing,” adds Smith.

“We are always looking for ways to celebrate the talents and expertise of our residents and our staff and are proud to share with the community these examples of their impressive stories. These six women are skilled, dedicated, and have strong work ethics. They are representative of the women who work and live in our long term care facility.”