Trenton Pharmasave opens

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The opening of a new pharmacy in Trenton is a welcome site to the town’s residents after they lost their only pharmacy a few years ago.

Glenn Hicks, owner and operator of Pictou Pharmasave, said he had been eyeing the town since Shoppers Drug Mart closed in 2014.

“It surprised me that pharmacy services weren’t suitable here,” said Hicks about the former drug store’s operation. Hicks is confident that the town and the surrounding rural population is a strong clientele for his Pharmasave.

Hicks found the location in the former Needs Convenience store on Main Street in early October and began renovations in January, with a few finishing touches still to be added, such as the storefront.

“It’s been really positive so far,” said Hicks. “It’s been really well received.” He is happy with the enthusiasm from the new clients and added that he was surprised at how many people are not mobile enough or do not have the transportation to travel out of town to visit other pharmacies.

“You take for granted your mobility,” he said. “Not everyone wants to travel away from their community.”

Hicks is happy to keep his family business growing and expanding with the new location. His parents owned the Pictou Pharmasave before he took over at their retirement, making it very much a family local-based business for him. Some of his staff from the Pictou location will be managing the new pharmacy as well.

Along with prescriptions and the usual goods that can be found in a pharmacy, Hicks also tried to include other items he thought residents might need including walkers, canes and much more.

“We’re just excited for the opportunity to come here,” Hicks said.

The staff of the new Trenton Pharmasave includes, from left: Malorie Weir, pharmacy manager; Jennifer Scott, owner; Glenn Hicks, owner; Tamzin Hart, storefront staff.  (Brimicombe photo)