Opportunities for progress


Opportunities came in droves to Pictou Landing First Nations last week as an opportunity and career fair set up in the community gymnasium. The fair featured universities from across the province as well as employers and training programs that will give those in the community an opportunity for employment when the remediation of Boat Harbour project begins.

“My whole goal is to create training opportunities,” said Michelle Francis-Denny, Community liaison for the Boat Harbour project who set up the fair. She added that when the remediation project begins there will be a part in each of the tenders for work for Pictou Landing First Nations residents. Francis-Denny said that she has been talking with people in the community to find out who has what skills already and what they might need to update or upgrade to be of use in the project.

“January 31, 2020, is the day we need to be ready to be engaged in the cleanup,” she said.

With a fair amount of snow, the evening before Francis-Denny added that she believes the weather may have deterred a few people but she was still pleased with the overall turnout for the event in the morning which was open to community members with students coming in during the afternoon.

A few smaller projects have already started in preparation for the remediation and have given local students and residents a chance to take part in those already.

“I’m pleased with the engagement,” she said.

Members of the Pictou Landing First Nations Community check out some of the booths at the opportunities fair.

(Brimicombe photo)