Siblings contest Izzy Cup


PICTOU — As sibling rivalries go, this may be a rarity.

Margo Watt and her brother Larry Watt skipped curling teams last Thursday during the fourth annual Izzy Cup match at New Caledonian Curling Club.

The Watts grew up near Pictou, but Larry has lived and worked in Moncton for the past 40 years and is retired there. The Izzy Cup alternates between Moncton and Pictou.

The origin of the cup’s name is traced to a young girl who had difficulty pronouncing the name Isabel.

Margo Watt’s teams won the previous three matches in 2015 in Moncton, 2016 in Pictou and 2017 in Moncton. She played mate while Joan Fanning skipped the first year and skipped the 2016 and 2017 teams with Fanning as mate.

Margo Hilchey was second and Andrea MacKenzie played lead the first three years.

Fanning joined Larry Watt’s team this year to create a foursome.

Margo Watt’s team this year consisted of Hilchey as mate, MacKenzie as second and lead Nancy Steele.

Bruce Wallis, who grew up with the Watts, formally presented the Izzy Cup to Larry Watt.

Larry Watt skipped the Moncton-based team to victory last week in the Izzy Cup curling match at New Caledonian Curling Club in Pictou. From the left, front row: lead Linda Blackney, Larry Watt accepting the cup from Bruce Wallis, second Sharon Watt and lead Joan Fanning. Back row: skip Margo Watt, mate Margo Hilchey, second Andrea MacKenzie and lead Nancy Steele. (Goodwin photo)