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Runners train for 2018 season


PICTOU — Local runners have resumed their training for the 2018 distance running season.

Michelle Sutherland leads the training regimen that becomes more frequent and intense once she and her fellow runners realize the season is upon them.

“The ladies run with me year-round and now that race season is coming up and the weather is improving, we like to get out for a run with our focus on getting ready for race season,” Sutherland said.

There are eight runners in the group, including Sutherland.

“We run two to three times a week,” she said. “We do all our running mainly through the town of Pictou and when the weather is warmer we are sometimes on the Jitney trail.”

The group gathered around Sutherland several years ago.

“Word got out that I was helping a friend learn to run,” she said. “A couple of the others contacted me to see if they could join in and we formed a little group and run year-round now. The ladies joined me and we trained so they could complete their first half marathon in the Valley Harvest a little over a year ago.”

High on the agenda are local running events, starting with the Miss Miles on May 13 in New Glasgow.

The 2018 Joe Earle Memorial races are scheduled for May 21 in Trenton.

The Johnny Miles Running Event Weekend culminates with runs of various distances on June 17.

There are also the Run for the Lobster 5-K and 10-K races in Pictou.

Sutherland is running even more often and longer distances for races next month in Fredericton and Halifax.

Joan Fraser, left, and Dawn Musick lead the pack of women runners as part of their training schedule. (Goodwin photo)