Sharon’s recognized by Vets unit

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PICTOU — Residents of the Northumberland Veterans Unit had nothing but thank yous and kind words to share about Sharon’s Place Restaurant last week when they hosted a special celebration to thank the local restaurant for what they call “above and beyond” hospitality.

John Stewart of Sharon’s Place was the guest of honour for the presentation that included a certificate of appreciation plaque and a bouquet of flowers. The thanks was extended to his wife, Sharon, as well, who was not able to make it to the celebration.

“This came from the residents,” said Dennis Chipman of the veterans unit. “We were on the bus last time and they said, ‘what can we do to show our appreciation?’”

Chipman added that residents in the unit will often go out for lunch or he will order take out as a treat for the veterans. The venue of choice is usually Sharon’s Place, and while they’re there, the veterans have a great time as they are greeted at the door and made to feel at home during their visit. As a thank you for their service, the Stewarts give the veterans their meals free of charge.

Stewart added that they were very proud to receive this honour from the veterans as both Sharon and John have parents who have served as well as a nephew who served in Afghanistan.

“If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here,” said Stewart. He added that every time they come to the restaurant it’s “a riot,” he laughed. The Stewarts help them all in the door and they enjoy carrying on and joking with the veterans the whole time they are there, promising a good time by all.

“I wish we could do more,” Stewart said.

Left, Dennis Chipman of the Northumberland Veterans Unit in Pictou poses with John Stewart who holds a plaque of appreciation as Bill Allen hands him flowers as a thank you for the hospitality and food the veterans enjoy during their trips to the restaurant. (Brimicombe photo)