Giving life, giving hope

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Every Relay For Life participant has their own story, their own reason for why they relay. Two Pictou County families have similar reasons for why they relay, and through their journey with the illness, they have found a community to help and support them.

For Allan’s Avengers, this will be their fourth year participating in Realy for Life and a second year for Carlton’s Hip Crew. After receiving his diagnosis of glioblastoma, Carlton Munroe and his wife Taryn were told by a mutual friend about another young man who was living with the same diagnosis in Pictou County.

“We were just in awe,” said Taryn Munroe about when they found out about Allan and his family, which was very similar to their own. “We drew strength from them.”

Taryn added that as the months went on, Carlton and Allan Dauphinee became good friends and shared a bond through their experiences.

“Even on the day Carlton died, he said he drew strength from Allan and that maybe he could be that three per cent (someone diagnosed that lives past the three-year mark),” Taryn said.

With Carlton always having been involved with Relay behind the scenes through his job at Glasgow Square, Taryn wanted to put in a team for him to give back and be a part of the experience that the Dauphinee family had told them about.

“I just drew strength from it, there was so much courage and hope,” she said about the event.

For Sonia Dauphinee, Allan’s wife, the event is one that has become a big part of their life.

“I can’t imagine not doing it,” Sonia said. “We just really take away a lot of love and support from it.”

Both families agreed that the event is very family-friendly and seems to have something for each one of their family members. Cake walks, jellybean guessing and face painting are among their favourites.

“It’s not about you have to raise your $150, it’s about what you can give,” Taryn said.

This year, both Taryn and Sonia are giving back to the event that gives them strength. Both women have taken on the role of registration recruiters and have enjoyed being a bigger part of the event.

“It feels good to be able to help and give back; it’s rewarding,” Sonia said.

From left, Sonia Dauphinee, her daughter Caitlin Dauphinee, Layla Munroe and her mother Taryn Munroe show off their Relay for Life shirts as they get ready for this year’s June 2 event. (Brimicombe photo)