Art at Night celebrates another success

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It was a night of new experiences and art on Saturday evening as the annual Art at Night celebration took place in downtown New Glasgow. Studio Lab Gallery had a night of firsts as it celebrated its grand opening by being a venue for the town-wide celebration of the arts.

“I think the reception was really good,” said Ken Roux, gallery owner. “People seemed really happy to know there’s a gallery here now.” The first show the gallery presented was ‘Portraits of dead relatives’ by Susan Roux; it is a series of portraits drawn with graphite and linseed oil.

The new gallery will operate as an artist-run centre with no government funding or intervention out of its Provost Street location connected to The Forge home store.

The opening of the new gallery wasn’t the only exciting part of the evening though, with a huge turn out for the annual event filling the streets of downtown.

“We are blown away by the amount of people that were around this year. For almost the entire four hours, Provost Street was completely packed,” said Ian Grant, event co-ordinator.

The event received a huge amount of positive feedback with many attendees being impressed with the variety of art and performances that were showcased. With a lot of youth in attendance, Grant added that it’s definitely important to keep them involved and engaged in the community and the arts.

The event saw a blow up in the number of participants this year and organizers were more than happy to accommodate and see everyone to come out and support local art and performance.

“As a whole, we do grow every year, but this year things really blew up. We had about 30-35 more submissions than we had last year, and our individual participant numbers were up around 200 artists,” Grant said.

He did remind attendees that with an expanding event the area that it takes place in has also expanded. Lots of people were milling about Provost Street but Grant reminded viewers that for next year to branch out and check out the other venues such as Glasgow Square and the buildings on Archimedes Street.

The board for the event is encouraging as much feedback as they can get to help them improve for next year; they can be contacted via or by searching the event on Facebook or Instagram.

“Overall, we want to thank every single person who helped organize, volunteered, showed their art, performed, attended, opened their business as a venue, ate food, and took part in any way possible. We do this for the community and we are seeing that it’s an important part of the culture in this area,” said Grant.

Studio Lab Gallery celebrated its grand opening during the Art at Night celebrations in downtown New Glasgow on Saturday evening. (Brimicombe photo)