Tearmann celebrates successful fundraiser

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STELLARTON — It was another successful night for the Tearmann Society for Abused Women at their 24th annual Celebration of Art event at the Museum of Industry on Friday night. There was a line up to get in the door with lots of eager participants ready to take in the night of socializing and art.

“It’s very successful each year,” said Donna Smith, executive director of the Tearmann Society. The annual event is the biggest fundraiser the society hosts each year and year after year the community continues to come out and support the organization. Last year, the organization raised nearly $15,000 from the event, with all money going toward programming.

With all the art donated by local artists, the event boasts a silent auction as well as a raffle for a painting and an art draw. Participants enjoy milling about enjoying snacks, drinks and conversation as they take in the art.

“The money is put toward the programs and support services of Tearmann,” Smith said. The Society runs a shelter for abused women as well as support programs for women and children affected by violence. Followup programs are also an important part of the program to ensure clients are getting along well even after they have gone through the programs or stayed in the shelter.

“It can’t be expressed enough, unfortunately, how much this service is needed,” said Smith. In the past year, the services of Tearmann have helped 100 women and 49 children in Pictou County. Smith added that they are extremely grateful all those who support them and the volunteers that help make the event happen.

“There’s a lot of volunteer work that goes into this, too,” said Smith.