Viola’s place ready to settle in

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NEW GLASGOW — It was a big night for Viola’s Place Society on Monday as the board had its first meeting after purchasing its new building. The meeting took place in the new building on Marsh Street and, in some cases, it was the first time some of the board members had the chance to tour the facility.

The next step in the process now will be getting everything together for the shelter and breakfast programs in the facility.

“We’ve got to kind of gather the volunteers together,” said Karen MacPhee. She mentioned the group is thinking of holding an open house style of event in the future to gauge interest in different volunteer positions from helping clean to sorting through things, and finding people who would like to work in the shelter.

As for supplies, two big bins of canned foods awaited them when they arrived for the meeting, having been previously dropped off. The new shelter will take all the supplies from the temporary homeless shelter as well. The group may also have to transport supplies from the previous shelter that was housed there if they are granted access to them.

“We’re going to be adding to our board,” added MacPhee.

With a lot of big plans in the works, the shelter and the board seem to have everything under control as they get ready to start putting together the pieces to prepare the homeless shelter. As of yet, there is no definite open date but MacPhee mentioned that the breakfast program may be up and running before the shelter, if plans come together in time.

Board members of Viola’s Place Society stand in their new building which will act as a homeless shelter for Pictou County. From left are Mark Firth, Karen MacPhee, Nancy MacCulloch, Brian Bowden and Rev. Dr. Moses Adekola. (Brimicombe photo)