RELAY FOR LIFE: Two negatives make a positive

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The youngest Pictou County Relay for Life team has a powerful story behind its start and its team captain who is known for her volunteerism and fundraising efforts each year.

Nina Davey spearheads the team Jeana’s Girls each year at Relay for Life. Davey is making something that has left a negative mark on her life into something positive and far-reaching.

“Jeana, my best friend, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in Grade 6,” reflected Davey. Just two years later, when the girls were in Grade 8, Jeana passed away.

It was then that Davey and a group of Jeana’s friends and Davey’s friends got together to create a Relay for Life team to remember their friend. Davey also takes the time to think of her father and his battle with cancer when he was diagnosed with cancer when Davey was five.

“Relay means more to me than Jeana; it’s also a way to honour my dad and his cancer,” she said. Although she has fun coming up with fundraising ideas, which the team has become known for, her favourite part of Relay is the day of the event.

“It’s just a great day overall to celebrate,” she said.

Davey encourages others who have been affected by the disease to take part in the relay as well because not only is it a way to honour someone but all of the money they raise goes toward the Canadian Cancer Society, and services used by county residents, like the Lodge that Gives in Halifax.

“It’s really fun at the beginning, we do lots of activities. Come and see the luminaries, it’s really nice to look back at the reason why we’re there and why we relay,” she said. Davey also encourages others to just do what they are passionate about. To her, this is her passion.

“You never know when cancer will affect you or someone you love,” she said. “My life has been surrounded by cancer for most of it, so Relay is something that turns it into a positive.”

Nina Davey is the team captain for Jeana’s Girls, the youngest relay team in the Pictou County Relay for life. (Brimicombe photo)