Trenton girl saves grandmother’s life

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When Kaylee Campbell started her day on Monday, she had no idea it would be life altering — both for her and her grandmother.

And she certainly had no idea she would save her grandmother’s life.

The 12-year-old Trenton resident stopped in at the West Side Subway restaurant in New Glasgow to enjoy lunch with her grandmother, Theresa Mills. Subway is a favourite spot for Campbell to grab a bite of lunch and since her grandmother had picked her up from an appointment that morning, it was the natural choice for lunch.

“Nan got her sub, took a bite and then started choking,” Campbell explains.

Campbell recognized right away what was happening so while Subway staff hurried to call 9-1-1, Campbell sprang into action.

“I did the Heimlich manoeuvre.”

She says it only took a few thrusts and the piece of bacon that was lodged in her grandmother’s airway came free.

Campbell’s quick thinking and call to action saved her grandmother’s life.

The Grade 7 student at Trenton Middle School says she didn’t think twice about practising the manoeuvre. And she’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Campbell credits a babysitter’s course she took last year at the Pictou County YMCA for her quick thinking and heroic action.

“I learned how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre during a babysitter’s course I took when I was 11.”

While she was happy to learn the first aid life-saving technique, she says she never thought she’d have to use it. Especially on her grandmother.

The entire incident took not even two minutes, Campbell estimates. “But it seems like it took longer than that.”

The teenager says she doesn’t really consider herself a hero. “I am happy I did what I did. I would definitely do it again.”

When not saving lives, Campbell keeps busy with school, as a member of the 397 Trenton Air Cadet Squadron and the Fusion Youth Group that runs out of Christian Fellowship Church in Abercrombie.