Large field for Joe Earle road races


TRENTON — More than 300 registered runners were greeted by nearly ideal weather conditions and the usual strong volunteer support by organizers at the Joe Earle Memorial Road Races on Monday in Trenton.

Race director Vernon Earle said he was pleased with the number of runners.

“Everything went great,” he said. “It was a beautiful day and we had a good mix of adults and children.”

Although Kyle Smith of Halifax ran away with the five-mile race, overall runner-up Dave MacLennan was hailed for having won the Blue Nose Marathon on Sunday in Halifax for a record fifth time in two hours, 50 minutes, 10 seconds. He won the marathon four times in its first six years but had not won since 2009.

It was Peter Corbin Day in honour of the young athlete who has added triathlons and cycling to running disciplines that included cross country running last fall during his freshman year at St. Francis Xavier University.

Corbin placed third in the five-mile run.

“The community has raised Peter under an athletics umbrella,” Corbin’s father Tony said while introducing him.

Tony Corbin also saluted MacLennan for running the five-mile race after a marathon on Sunday. “Dave has always run here after the Blue Nose marathon,” he said.

It was announced that it will be Zentner Family Day next year in honour of the local runners that include Jessica Zentner, who was second female finisher in the five-mile race.

Walter Duggan School was presented with the Courtney Malcolm Award for having the most first, second and third place finishers.

Following are results as compiled by race officials:

Baxter MacArthur Memorial, Open Men’s Mile

First: Aaron Sellers, Pictou; Second: Peter Corbin, Linacy; Third: Jacob Pentz, Trenton; Best Local: Aaron Sellers

Hartling Family Memorial Open Mile Girls 10 to 15

First: Bryn Canning, Antigonish; Second: Kristen Ross, Green Hill; Third: Allie Sandluck, Park Falls; Best Local: Kristen Ross

Gloria Clarke Memorial One Mile Women 16 and over

First: Breanna Sandluck, Park Falls; Second: Jennifer Baudoux, Kenzieville; Third: Cindy Fraser, Merigomish; Best Local: Breanna Sandluck

Carl MacDougall Memorial One Mile Boys 10 to 15

First: Ethan MacDonald, New Glasgow; Second: Logan Bennett, New Glasgow; Third: Conrad Robertson, New Glasgow; Best Local: Ethan MacDonald

Jessie Smith Memorial 1/8 mile girls and boys 2 and under

First: Gavin Hensworth, Moncton; Second: Ryleigh Smith, Halifax; Third: Bryson Rafuse, Trenton; Best local: Bryson Rafuse

The Boyles Memorial 1/8 Mile for boys 3 and 4

First: Hunter Barnhill, East Mountain; Second: Hunter Hoagland, Hatchet Lake; Third: Jordan Paris, New Glasgow; Best local: Jordan Paris

The Elda Earle Memorial 1/8 Mile for girls 3 and 4

First: Brooke Howard, Priestville; Second: Maci MacDonald, Little Harbour; Third: Davey Leil, New Glasgow; Best local: Brooke Howard

Donald Gabby MacDonald Memorial 1/4 Mile Boys 5 and 6

First: Lucas Artibello, Antigonish; Second: Jaxon MacDonald, Little Harbour; Third: Sawyer Meier, Scotsburn; Best Local: Jaxon MacDonald

Mackie Jenkins Memorial 1/4 Mile Girls 5 and 6

First: Kayla Hale, Westville; Second: Olivia Purvis, Trenton; Third: Callie Campbell, Westville; Best Local: Kayla Hale

Bobby Gill Memorial 1/2 Mile Boys 7 Years

First: Gavin MacCallum, Fraser’s Mountain; Second: Cooper Gillespie, New Glasgow; Third: Lucas Mitchell, Pictou; Best Local: Gavin MacCallum

The Cromwell Memorial 1/2 Mile Girls 7 Years

First: Piper Findlay, Eureka; Second: Madeline Hendsbee, New Glasgow; Third: Laila Perrin, New Glasgow; Best Local: Piper Findlay

Paul MacDonald Memorial 1/2 Mile Boys 8 Years

First: Gavin MacDonald, Pictou; Second: Reid Johnson, Stellarton; Third: Wyatt MacDonald, Little Harbour; Best Local:Gavin MacDonald

William Tanner Memorial 1/2 Mile Girls 8 Years

First: Lexi MacIntyre, Westville; Second: Ashlyn MacHattie, Thorburn; Third: Makayla MacGrath, Trenton; Best Local: Lexi MacIntyre

The MacNeil Family Memorial 1/2 Mile Girls 9 Years

First: Chloe Ferguson, Westville; Second: Lola Timmons, Westville; Third: Leah Haynes, Westville; Best Local: Chloe Ferguson

Johnny Cooke Memorial 1/2 Mile Boys 9 Years

First: Silas Meier, Scotsburn; Second: Joshua Wood, New Glasgow; Third: Jeremiah Dowey, Halifax; Best Local: Ailas Meier

Burton Luddington Memorial 1/2 Mile Girls 10 Years

First: Amelia MacCallum, New Glasgow; Second: Mya MacDonald, Pictou; Third: Mya Ross, Hopewell; Best Local: Amelia MacCallum

Charlie Stevens Memorial 1/2 Mile Boys 10 Years

First: Neil MacFarlane, New Glasgow; Second: Cohen Ponikau, New Glasgow; Third: Jacob Gillis, Kenzieville; Best Local: Neil MacFarlane

Andre Roussy Memorial 1/2 Mile boys 11-12 Years

First: Jax Graham, New Glasgow; Second: Lucas MacDonald, Stellarton; Third: Tyson Barteaux, Trenton; Best Local: Jax Graham

Jock Wilson Memorial 1/2 Mile girls 11-12 Years

First: Bryn Canning, Antigonish; Second: Hayden Rogers, Westville; Third: Averee LeBlanc, New Glasgow; Best Local: Hayden Rogers

Doug MacInnis Memorial 1/2 Mile Girls 13-14 Years

First: Cara MacDonald, New Glasgow; Second: Kristen Ross, Green Hill; Third: Bryn Canning, Antigonish; Best Local: Cara MacDonald

Jim MacArthur Memorial 1/2 Mile Boys 13-14 Years

First: Conrad Robertson, New Glasgow; Second: James Tulloch, New Glasgow; Best Local: Conrad Robertson

Joan Carrigan Memorial for women 14-35

First: Allie Sandluck, Park Falls; Second: Breanna Sandluck, Park Falls; Third: Jessica Zentner, Woodburn; Best Local: Allie Sandluck

Raymond Pentz Memorial Five Mile Woman Masters 36 and Over

First: Debbie MacDonald, New Glasgow; Second: Christine MacFarlane, New Glasgow; Third: Angela Fogarty, Westville; Best Local: Debbie MacDonald

Nonnie Morgan Memorial Five Mile Men 14-35

First: Kyle Smith, Halifax; Second: Peter Corbin, Linacy; Third: Adam White, Trenton; Best Local: Peter Corbin

Doucette Family Memorial Five Mile Men’s Junior Masters 36-49

First: Kevin Waller, Stellarton; Second: Brad MacDougall, New Glasgow; Third: Ryan Leil, New Glasgow; Best Local: Kevin Waller

Dennis Lawless Memorial Five Mile Men Senior Masters 50 and Over

First: Dave MacLennan, Scotsburn; Second: Bill MacEachern, Lorne; Third: Jim Lays, Westville; Best Local: Dave MacLennan

Douglas V. MacDonald Memorial Five Mile Canadian Armed Forces

First: Ryan Leil, New Glasgow

Gavin MacCallum, bib 248, is off to a good start toward winning in his age group at the Joe Earle Memorial Road Races on Monday in Trenton. (Goodwin photo)