Players remember Carlton Munroe


TRENTON – The first pitch of the first game of the year for men’s league lob ball was a special occasion this year. After the passing of one of the league’s members last year, the opening tournament of this year’s season was renamed the Carlton Munroe Memorial Tournament in his memory.

Munroe had played lob ball with friends for 15 years or more on many different teams and for leagues all over the county. It was the Blue Lobstars that had the privilege of being the last team Munroe played on.

After having played the sport for so long, Munroe was known in the ball community and had been in positions such as player and team captain over the years, always the first there and ready to go. Teammate Scott deCoste added that he enjoyed playing first base.

“I think it’s a great thing to do just because of who Carlton was in the community,” said deCoste about the tourney.

“Carlton did a lot of stuff for other people, so it’s a good way to remember him,” said Allan Bezanson, who had played ball with Munroe for about 15 years. The team has also has Munroe’s initials and number printed on the sleeve of their jerseys to have a piece of their teammate on the field with them during the season.

This year to begin the tournament, Munroe’s’ two sons threw the first pitch of the tournament to kick things off for the season. Nate Munroe threw the first ball as his older brother Noah wore his father’s jersey.

Nate Munroe throws the first pitch of the game as Noah Munroe wears a jersey that once belonged to his father, the late Carlton Munroe. (Brimicombe photo)