Artist salutes cause for Heads Together

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NEW GLASGOW — Sandy Guadagni was in her element, enjoying a view of the Royal Wedding on a wide screen.

She and others attended a party on Saturday, wearing a wide assortment of women’s hats in keeping with the broad-brimmed ones seen on the screen during the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

However, her underlying thoughts were about creative arts therapy and how it can help the cause championed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Heads Together is a campaign led by Prince William and his wife Kate and Prince Harry, who will be joined by his bride Meghan Markle in the cause to end the stigma associated with mental health.

She said establishing Heads Together has motivated her to join the cause and extend it beyond Great Britain. She noted a movement to extend the campaign to include the trauma caused by brain injury.

“I’m into creative arts therapy because by and large, people don’t want to talk about their problems,” she said. “I see more clearly now that the arts are healing in and of themselves.”

Guadagni attended Concordia University in Montreal, which she said was the only school offering a Masters course in creative arts therapy, and she achieved her degree.

“It’s very successful using the arts to help a person return to health with the help of caregivers,” she said.

She referred to Sir Winston Churchill, who kept his depression at bay most of his life by painting.

Someone raised the idea of wearing the hats on Saturday and calling it Hats On Heads Together.

Guadagni said she has high hopes for Harry and Meghan and found the wedding extraordinary.

“It was wonderful,” she said. “It was a multi-cultural event. It was ground-breaking. I think we’ll see some wonderful things from the four of them — the ‘Fab Four’. They really are guiding lights. They take their roles seriously, but they are very much their own people.”

Sandy Guadagni and Pam Ford enjoy wearing their hats as they watch a tape delayed telecast of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Royal Wedding on Saturday. (Goodwin photo)