The Navigators in Pictou Saturday night

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From the rocky shores of Newfoundland The Navigators are energetic, unpredictable and unforgettable.

Formed in 2000, The Navigators are two baritone lead singers Arthur O’Brien and Fred Jorgensen, complementing and contrasting each other in ways that create fluid dynamic performances of originals and traditional material also sharing acoustic and electric guitars, fiddle, tin whistles and Bodhran.

Their third and latest recording, Solders & Sailors, is a mix of modern electric and acoustic folk and traditional Irish Newfoundland melodies, steeped in local folklore. Soldiers & Sailors features what Navigator fans have come to expect from their live shows – rollicking upbeat tunes perfect for kitchen parties, also highlighting a deeper, softer more serious side influenced by Newfoundland’s people, history, tragedy and rugged coastal beauty. The Navigators are working on a new sound recording to be released later this year.

In Nova Scotia only once this summer, The Navigators will be at The Highlander Pub in Pictou on Saturday night, and Sunday at The Carleton in Halifax.