County backs Trenton Park

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TRENTON — The Hemlock Group has officially seen five of the six local municipalities pledge money to the group that is working on the restoration of Trenton Park as a regional asset.

The Municipality of Pictou County Council announced during its budget to give the $45,000 over three years to help with renovating the park into a must-visit destination for the county and beyond.

“To me as an individual, we have to do things that are good recreation wise,” said County Warden Robert Parker. “I think it’s a great project.”

Jen Bethel of The Hemlock Group shared that the group is also in the process of requesting funding from the federal and provincial governments and that is why they have not begun the project yet.

“It’s awesome; it makes us realize everybody in the county enjoys Trenton Park,” said Trenton Mayor Shannon MacInnis. Although the park may sit in Trenton, it is a regional asset used for not only school events but community events and fundraisers. The idea of the renovation is to make the park similar to Truro’s Victoria Park which is a destination all on its own.

Parker is hoping the project will be a major stopping point that will help retain people passing through to and from the PEI ferry and highway to stick around the county for a bit longer and see what the area has to offer.

“I think we need more stopping points,” said Parker. “Especially for families and also seniors, just gathering points.”

From left: The Hemlock Group’s Jen Bethel, Warden Robert Parker and Trenton Mayor Shannon MacInnis. (Brimicombe photo)