LORDA park opens for summer season

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LANSDOWNE – Some nice days this spring have attracted people once again to LORDA.

People come from throughout Pictou County and beyond to the Lansdowne Outdoor Recreation Park and all that it offers for seniors and others to enjoy.

They discover, once they arrive, the expansive park grounds and a sense of serenity and calm that forms part of its appeal, which is how tourism literature promotes it.

Taylor-Anne MacMaster, a summer student, has been busy welcoming visitors, signing up people for camping and cleaning up the campground, as well as serving lunch prepared for them.

Ponds, including one on the lower level close to the other amenities were stocked with rainbow trout for people to fish.

“I come here sometimes three times a month,” said Glenwood Murray from French River.

LORDA was also the site of the annual Fish for Wish event that drew dozens of adults and children.

“I couldn’t thinks of a better place,” said Mike Baillie, who organizes the event with the Children’s Wish Foundation.

Sue Goswell, member of LORDA’s board of directors, is taking on a larger role in hosting at the park.

“I live in the community so I’ve decided to step up because not doing so would mean delaying opening the park,” she said. “There is a reason why LORDA is here. It’s the only park around for seniors and those with physical and mental challenges can come and fish for free.”

One pond farther away from the main facilities is a U-Fish where people pay to fish.

The lunch idea was one Goswell considered.

“I try different things to see what works best,” she said.

Goswell said she is encouraged by the many people who have already visited the park.

“It’s been fabulous,” she said. “Every day, there has been an increase in people coming through the gates, not only for fish, because we encourage people to camp here. People are very generous with their donations when camping. It’s such a great space.”

The next big event at the park will be Music LORDA on August 19.

Taylor-Anne MacMaster served lunch to Glenwood Murray at the LORDA Park in Lansdowne.

INSET: Ava Anderson, left, and Nathaniel Robinson hold a fish Anderson caught on Saturday during the Fish for Wish event at LORDA. (Goodwin photos)