LORDA hosts medieval ‘war’

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Dozens of people set up camp in LORDA Park over the weekend to prepare for war.

Members of the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) from the Maritime Provinces gathered for the annual Barony of Ruantallan War Camp, an event that encourages participants to re-create medieval times and participate in activities such as fencing, archery, sewing and making scrolls.

“We just basically are trying to recreate the past and learn how they did things,” said Wendy Regular, who goes by Mistress Briana Douglase during SCA events and is the seneschal for the Barony of Ruantallan — an area that encompasses Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Regular has been involved with the SCA — an international organization with more than 30,000 members — for 17 years, introduced to the group by a friend.

“It was unique. It was just magical,” she said.

The annual war camp in Lansdowne has been taking place for nearly 10 years, though typically held on the Canada Day long weekend. It is one of the major events for the Barony of Ruantallan, beginning Friday evening and running until Sunday afternoon.

Edna and Paul McCulloch of Chance Harbour have been members for 24 years after hearing about it from a display at the New Glasgow Library, their interest piqued by the archery.

“It’s a full participatory type of organization. You can do as much as you want in it. And if you’re a historian or a history buff interested in the medieval world and times past, it’s just an ideal spot to learn more about it,” said Paul, who goes by Wynfrith aet Huntandune in the SCA.

He said there’s something for everybody.

Edna, also known as Eadwynn aet Hranneshyrst, said the reason they kept coming back was the people.

“I think it was the communication with people and getting together with people. They’re all kind of like a big happy family after a while, which is neat.”

Members of the Society of Creative Anachronism fence during the annual Barony of Ruantallan War Camp, held at LORDA Park in Lansdowne over the weekend. (Jess photo)