MacGregor becomes boxing official


TRENTON — Erin MacGregor says she’s prepared for the new phase in her amateur boxing career.

The former national champion based at the Albion Amateur Boxing Club has been coaching for some years at the club and has recently begun judging and refereeing bouts as part of a new, younger wave of boxing organizers.

She and Walter Linthorne are seen as heirs to original head coach and club president Jim Worthen and current head coach Al Archibald.

“It’s a completely different feeling from fighting,” she said.

MacGregor officiated the opening bout on the May 16 card in New Glasgow that was an exhibition event featuring Sadie LeBlanc from the Albion club.

“It was special for me because I coach Sadie as well,” she said. “I did a lot of training for her.”

MacGregor was also in Shauna Fukes’ corner when she won her decision on the same card.

Now 26, MacGregor began boxing in 2006 and boxed for four years. She had little opportunity to box competitively while attending St. Thomas University in Fredericton, N.B.

She started coaching in earnest after graduating and returning home, became a Level I coach in 2015 and a Level II coach in 2016.

She began judging in January before her refereeing debut in May.

“Boxing gets in your blood,” she said. “I love that I’m still involved, it’s not still fighting. I get as much enjoyment in a different way.”

MacGregor says she appreciates being part of the club’s leadership with Worthen, Archibald and Linthorne.

“I love it here in Pictou County,” she said. “We have a strong team here at the club and I’m fortunate to learn from every one of them.”

Erin MacGregor debuted as an amateur boxing referee on the card the Albion Amateur Boxing Club hosted in May in New Glasgow. (Goodwin photo)