‘Giant’ of a summer for local band

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Andre Pettipas and the Giants have a huge summer ahead of them.

During a recent interview, Trenton drummer Mark Cosh spoke about the band’s upcoming single release, their Canadian tour and shows in Sweden.

Cosh said he’s feeling excited and overwhelmed about everything the Antigonish-based band has coming up.

“We never really gave up,” he said.

After winning the Q104 Homegrown contest last summer that included recording at Codapop Studios as well as other prizes, the three-piece rock group recorded a four-song industry EP that will be used to “shop around the songs” to labels and management. They’re releasing single The Swedish Motel from that album to the public on July 14 and opening up their tour at the Highlander Pub in Pictou on the same date.

Cosh said the song was written after hearing their mentor Gord Stensrud of Sea Level Sound talk about an old Volvo station wagon, owned by his brother, and nicknamed The Swedish Motel.

The conversation about the quirky party vehicle with flesh-coloured curtains morphed into song lyrics, written many months before they were invited to perform at a festival in Sweden.

“I thought it was a joke at first,” Cosh said about the festival, explaining that their participation in Nova Scotia Music Week and Canadian Music Week likely led to the invitation. Cosh said the band seems to get lucky, but also acknowledged they’re putting a lot of hard work and passion into it.

“I’m sure it’s because of our perseverance and this band, but it seems like certain things fall on our lap which is phenomenal,” he said.

They’ll be playing six shows in five days in Orebro, Sweden for the Live At Heart festival and conference in early September.

Before they head overseas, the band will be travelling around the province and country for shows, included on festival line-ups alongside Matt Mays, Wintersleep, and The Trews.

“We get to play with a lot of bands that we either grew up with or grew up on. We do August 1 in Truro with The Trews, which is huge for us because they’re such a big influence, especially on Andre,” he said.

What Cosh is most excited about though is what could be next for the group. They’ve already accomplished more in three years than Cosh thought they could.

“I’m excited for what potentially is coming in the future. I’m excited for the phone call that we don’t know we’ll get yet or if we even get it, excited to work with the businesses and industry people that we may have not even met yet,” he said.

He added that he’s also looking forward to being able to turn the industry EP into a full album.

Their show on July 14 starts at 9 p.m.

Andre Pettipas and the Giants are releasing their new single The Swedish Motel at The Highlander Pub in Pictou on July 14. (Submitted photo)