Museum offering backstage pass

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STELLARTON — With amazing sights to be seen at the Museum of Industry’s exhibits, it’s what is in the storage rooms that may be the real treasure to some.

Now, the public will have a chance to explore treasures unseen and take a walk into the storage rooms and back through time to learn more about the museum and what it does.

As part of the Nova Scotia Museum’s 150th anniversary, which is being celebrated by museums across the province, the Stellarton location is letting those interested take a look behind the scenes, meet the curator and caretaker of the items and see some things that have never made it on display before.

“On-site we have three storage rooms,” said Erika Smith, curator of Collections for The Museum of Industry. While facilitating the tour, Smith will talk about the history of the museum and have a few items that people can see in each room. She will also explain all of the behind the scenes work that goes into the museum, such as cataloging and storing all the items.

“What I find great is people will get to see a bit more of what I do,” Smith smiled. With a large collection of big and small items, there are many things that do not make it to the display floors. Smith added that she is happy that people will get to see some of it while learning about the museum as well.

Each tour lasts about a half hour and pre-registration is recommended. The family-friendy and completely free tours will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays until September 6.

“It’s great for me to share some of the cool things we do back here,” said Smith.

Erika Smith, curator of Collections at The Museum of Industry, takes a look at one of the artifacts the Museum has in storage. (Brimicombe photo)