Luau love

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A little piece of Hawaii transported guests at the New Glasgow Farmers Market Luau to a sunny beach with delicious food and entertainment Saturday night during the fundraising event.

With 125 guests enjoying a traditional roasted pig, also offered was a Hawaiian-themed salad bar and a sundae bar.

Hula dancers, hula lessons, hula competition and a limbo competition had guests up and about enjoying the interactive entertainment as well.

“Then we’ve got the Dirty Rockin’ Scoundrels,” said Kristi Russell, market manager. Extra tickets from earlier in the evening that had not been sold were up for grabs for the after party, allowing those who didn’t stay for dinner to still have the chance to go along with the theme and enjoy the entertainment.

The luau is one of what is usually three big fundraisers for the market, allowing money for renovations, upgrades and whatever else might be needed.

“Typically, we’ve raised about $3,000 at this event,” said Russell. Funds raised from this event have been earmarked for purchasing new propane heaters for the dome structure, allowing the market to continue in that facility for a bit longer into the fall. The big project Russell said they are saving for is the barn raising, which will see a big, new barn take the place of the dome structure, offering another year-round venue that will allow more year-round vendors. There is no fundraising goal for this project yet though as the designs for the structure are still with the engineer. As of press time, an official total from the event had not been tallied yet.

“We always like to thank the community for coming out and supporting us,” said Russell.

Boyd Greene enjoys an umbrella-topped tropical drink at the mini beach during the Market Luau. (Brimicombe photo)