Microcurrent therapy and homeopathic medicine

Community Wholistic Health

“She is a Wonder Woman of a Homeopath… using microcurrents to heal pain.

This enthusiastic acclaim followed a session with homeopathic doctor, Sarah Trask. Her client had experienced a particularly intense flare-up from endometriosis, a condition involving the lining of the uterus which is characterized by a radiating pain throughout the hips, lower back and legs.

Using a hand-held device to transmit a gentle microcurrent, Trask stimulated points along the client’s spine and lower back to release tightness and disperse congestion.

The outcome was one of almost instant relief.

Microcurrent Therapy, or Pattern Reflection Technique (PRT), was developed by chiropractic and naturopathic doctor, Joseph Kellerstein. Using his therapeutic technique in her own practice, Trask has observed startling improvements in the pain-based conditions of her clients. The use of microcurrent technology is common in a variety of treatment fields. It is found in chiropractic offices, used in physiotherapy to treat sports injuries and sprain, to treat chronic pain, post-surgical procedures, whiplash, headaches and arthritis. It is completely safe, non-invasive and can be used during pregnancy, or to treat children and the elderly.

I was curious to see the microcurrent device in action and Trask graciously provided me with a session treating some discomfort in my jaw, shoulders and lower back. It is an intriguing process to observe. In each hand she holds a rod topped with a cotton ball, this is how the current is channeled from the battery to your body. She gently touches the device near the region of discomfort and pulls the rods across the area sending a revitalizing current throughout the entire site. My experience was a mild ‘humm’ like vibration moving across my skin followed by a brief, spasmodic twitch of the sore muscle. The entire spot treatment lasted mere seconds and several moments later the tight, discomfort began to ebb away. Trask repeated the process for each area of complaint and each time a warm vibration changed to a soothing, cool release.

While I experienced a fairly immediate improvement following my session, it was another two days before I realized, with some surprise, that the nagging pain in my jaw and back had completely disappeared.

The Pattern Reflection Technique works with the body’s natural electrical system to retrain impulse signals to the brain which have been firing in unnatural or erroneous cycles – cycles contrary to the body’s regularly scheduled programing. These misdirected signals present as temporary or chronic pain and to provide relief the repetitive signal must be broken – this is the effect of the microcurrent stimulus, it breaks this cycle. We can develop these repetitive signal paths that cause pain when we experience a physical injury, overuse of a joint or muscle, or live with a degenerative illness.

Trask says the beauty of the PRT treatment is the minimal stimulus for a maximum benefit. She also appreciates the gentle and non-invasive quality of the therapy, which mimics our body’s natural biorhythms and requires no chemical intervention. This is part of the appeal of homeopathic medicine, it introduces a remedy to the body which the body can recognize as organic, therefore encouraging our natural healing process and minimizing the risk of adverse side effects.

The microcurrent therapy was quick, painless and effective.  In addition, I came away from the session with a satisfying sense of well-being. A powerful tonic in itself and a feeling I’ve come to associate with experiences that boost my health and vitality. I think there is a place for this gentler approach when working with health and wellness.

There may be instances where the road to recovery need not be paved with harsh chemical treatments.