Accolades for Dr. Gordon Young

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The Young family of Pictou has served the Sutherland-Harris Memorial Hospital, Pictou and the greater community for more than 100 years.

On Friday, Dr. Gordon V. Young was the latest family member to be honoured by the Sutherland-Harris Memorial Hospital Foundation for his many years of dedicated service to the hospital and the community, with a plaque unveiling.

In making the presentation, SHMHF’s Mike Simmons paid tribute to Young’s service and the service of family members Dr. Milton R. Young, Dr. J.A. Fraser Young and Dr. R. Clarence Young. Simmons estimates they have a combined 113 years of dedicated service to the hospital and community.

“My goal was to be a doctor in a rural area,” Young said to the group of family members, Foundation members and patients who gathered in the hospital lobby for the celebration.

Young said he is saddened by the state of health care today in Nova Scotia. “It is sad to see what has happened to primary health care.”

He called his practice “rewarding”.

“Medicine is a terrible job but a wonderful career,” he laughed. “It has been one of the most rewarding careers.”

Young said he is “deeply honoured to join my family on this plaque.”