Pictures in time… Residents get all dolled up for their closeups with the camera

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PICTOU — With smiles as big as they could be and eyes shining brightly, it was makeover day for some of the residents at the Maritime Oddfellows home last week as they got themselves all done up for Picture Day.

The special day is not a regular occurrence at the home, so residents were thrilled when they had the chance for their portrait to be taken by a local volunteer. The whole event was brought about when staff member Lisa White suggested they have someone come in to do photos for the residents. From there, local photographer Graci Young was contacted and stepped up to the plate.

“I’ve taken portraits before, but more creative portraits,” said Young, who added that she was happy to donate her time and skill to the home. “Most of (the residents) seemed pretty jazzed about it.”

Around 10 a.m., Young and her camera arrived and the home was already in full swing with a makeshift beauty parlour set up in the activity area that had summer students curling hair and dabbing on a bit of blush and lipstick for those who wanted to look their best for their close up.

“They were excited, especially the ladies; they all wanted to get their hair done and their makeup done,” said Alison Smith of the recreation department. As they waited for their turn in front of the lens, it was easy to see they were excited and happy with how they felt.

Once all of the photos are sent back to Smith she is hoping to use them to create a collage at the entrance of each wing that features that wing’s residents on it. The photos will also be shared with family members of residents and used to update the photos of each of them that are mounted on the wall outside each of their rooms.

Smith added that activities like this are important for the residents because it promotes socialization, as well as boosts self-esteem and helps them feel pride in themselves and how they look.

“It was kind of a surprise,” said resident Marion MacKinnon who was one of many who had her photo taken. Along with getting all done up if they chose, some residents also held a little chalkboard sign that would say something about them or where they are from. MacKinnon proudly held up her sign that said “#100 years old” with a big smile, showing off the spirit that has landed her to the century mark and the title of the home’s oldest resident.

“It’s very nice,” she said about the photo day. “Maybe I’ll hang it up in my room.”

Nicole Ross puts a bit of blush on resident Marion Wilson’s cheeks to get her ready for her portrait.

INSET: Marion MacKinnon poses with a small sign during the Maritime Oddfellows Home photo day last week. (Brimicombe photos)