Wings & Wheels car show returns to Greenwood

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It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  No wait, it’s a flock of planes… surrounded by some of the Maritime’s coolest rides.

If you haven’t heard yet, Wings & Wheels is back in the Valley for another great show featuring classic, antique, and special interest cars parked in the shade of the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum’s vintage aircraft.

The show features over 250 cars, guided tours inside a Hercules, Challenger, Aurora, Anson, DC3 Dakota, and Labrador helicopter, and you’ll get to peer inside the Lancaster, and T-Bird.  We also have a Neptune and an Argus to provide extra shade, a WWII Bristol Bolingbroke and an H44 twin rotor helicopter under restoration to check out.

You’ll also be able to ride shotgun in one of two wartime Jeeps, shop in the air conditioned Canex Mall, and take in one of several guided tours inside the museum.  Or just sit back and enjoy live music from our very own six-piece jazz combo, all for free!

Young, old, or somewhere in between, you’re guaranteed to find something of interest at Wings & Wheels 2018.

Gates open at 10 a.m., $5 to enter a vehicle in the show.  Free admission for spectators.  Rain date: Sunday 9 September 2018.  Look for regular updates on our Facebook site at

(Photo by Mac Uhlman)