Sweet sounds of baby grand piano Grace Glen Haven Manor

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NEW GLASGOW — Regardless of one’s scope of musical knowledge, a baby grand piano is widely recognized as a high calibre instrument as well as a lovely piece of furniture in any home.

Glen Haven Manor is now the proud owner of a baby grand piano which was donated to the long-term care facility by Andrea and Wade Taylor.

Residents and staff alike are excited and appreciative of the new addition to the facility. The piano has found the perfect spot in the Serenity Springs/Ocean Drive lounge on the second level which overlooks the front lawn of Glen Haven and is often a place for social gatherings. The piano will be used regularly as part of Glen Haven’s music therapy program as well as incorporated into recreation co-ordinated activities.

With an accomplished music background to her credit, music therapist Kelsey MacDonald was especially pleased with the acquisition.

“We are so fortunate to be able to accept this generous donation,” she said. “The quality, colour and authenticity of an acoustic piano has no comparison. The baby grand will be a great addition to the many instruments we provide for music therapy and music programming.”

CEO Lisa M. Smith adds her gratitude for the donation. “We are very appreciative of the Taylors’ kindness and generosity and that they thought to share this wonderful instrument with Glen Haven residents,” says Smith. “Residents enjoy the keyboard we have here and all of the other kinds of musical instruments that are frequently presented but there is something special about a baby grand. It will be used on a consistent basis but will also add to holiday occasions and celebrations. The sounds of the baby piano grand flowing through the hallways will offer a unique sparkle and energy. There is nothing quite like the sounds of hymns, classical music or Christmas carols on a baby grand. We are fortunate we have staff who have the talents to make the ivories of our baby grand sing as well as gifted, visiting musicians who often volunteer to perform.”

Glen Haven Manor resident Florence Reid enjoys the beautiful music being played by the manor’s music therapist Kelsey MacDonald on a baby grand piano that was recently donated by Andrea and Wade Taylor. (Photo by Kimberly Dickson)