Active living sessions for community groups

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NEW GLASGOW – People are getting an opportunity to get acquainted with New Glasgow’s new program to encourage physical fitness and activity.

The town recently hired Veronica Deno to become its active living co-ordinator through the province’s Municipal Physical Activity Leadership program to conduct various sessions on active living.

Deno earned a kinesiology degree from St. Francis Xavier University in 2017 and feels fortunate to have found work in her field in Pictou County.

She hosted sessions at the town’s three recreation centres in August and has added a local 55-Plus Club session scheduled for 2 p.m. today to go with two sessions at Glasgow Square for women and girls on September 11 and for older adults on September 18.

“We’re getting people out who are physically active, but we’re working with people who aren’t physically active to come out too,” Deno said.

“We want people to understand it’s for all people,” said Geralyn MacDonald, the town’s director of community development.” The main function of this position is to lead the development and implementation of a comprehensive active living strategy for the municipality.”

Deno is compiling the data collected at the sessions and on line to present for future approval and action. Her tasks include referencing best active living practises, engaging the community based on its residents’ demographics and assets and relating with key partners.

She shared the strategy’s goals that include fostering healthy, active living through recreation, increase inclusion and access to recreation, connect people and nature through recreation and provide what is needed to achieve more physical activity.

“We’ll put the data together and if people have other concerns they submit them on line through the town’s web site, email me or call.

Deno can be contacted by email at or by phone at 902-755-8363.

Veronica Deno, left, and Geralyn MacDonald hold a schedule of active living sessions taking place this month in New Glasgow. (Goodwin photo)