From Korea to Canada

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The world of international cuisine is opening up to Lyons Brook this year as the Pictou Lunch Box opens its doors at the Birchwood Campground and Cabins. The restaurant officially opened in July advertising a niche in the restaurant market in Pictou County: authentic Korean food.

After the old office building from the campground had been torn down, campground owner Jeff Chung was eager to open something that would operate year-round and offer residents of Lyons Brook somewhere close to go and a different kind of food.

Through the entrepreneur stream of the immigration program, Chung helped his sister-in-law, Mungil Song, open the new restaurant after making her way from Korea to Nova Scotia.

“Many people told us that our food tastes good,” Song smiled. “I think there are not that many people here that have eaten Asian food.”

Although Pictou County has a few Asian restaurants, the Pictou Lunchbox offers authentic Korean food, dishes such as Bibimbap and Japchae, although familiars like sweet and spicy chicken and teriaki pork are familiar dishes for the less adventurous. Song added that they kept the spice level in mind when creating the menu so as not to make it too spicy for customers.

“I was really surprised that we had people that had been to Korea and experienced the food,” said Chung.

Along with locals, so far the restaurant has also attracted those from the campground who find it convenient to have a restaurant on site. Chung added that they will have the restaurant open year-round for those in the area and he hopes it can serve as a place close by that the community can come and spend time at without having to drive into town.

Pictou Lunch Box owner Mungil Song is excited to whip up some authentic Korean dishes in the new Lyons Brook restaurant. (Brimicombe photo)