Replaying the past

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The real-life story of a Nova Scotian icon is making its way to the deCoste Performing Arts Centre this week, telling the unbelievable story of Mona Parsons.

The play has been touring Nova Scotia to teach more people about the story that brought Parsons halfway around the world enduring some of the worst of the Second World War.

After moving from Wolfville to New York to be on Broadway, the Nova Scotian woman became a nurse, married a man from Europe and moved there with him. In Europe during the Second World War, Parsons helped the resistance, aiding pilots in their escape, and ended up in a German labour camp for four years where she escaped after a bombing and managed to walk 100 km on broken and bleeding feet until she reached the border.

“When she crossed the border she met a group of Nova Scotians,” said Ryanne Chisholm, director of the play. It was a group from the North Nova Highlanders that Parsons met.

The play not only shows Parsons’ story in Europe but glimpses of her life on Broadway and as a housewife as well.

“We’ve had really, really wonderful feedback,” said Chisholm about the play. She added that the audience really loves Parsons and she is a prime example that small acts can really make a difference. Parsons would sing and recite poetry while in the labour camp to keep spirits up and pass the time, helping others get by.

“There’s this idea that you can find joy in the smallest things,” Chisholm said.