Chef tour helps salute local food production

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NEW GLASGOW — A rare opportunity to showcase local food took place recently and featured a film crew that documented a chefs’ tour of local producers.

Alain Bosse, the Braeshore resident known as the Kilted Chef and for his promotion of local food, was joined by Isaac Toups, a chef from New Orleans, La. and an exponent of Cajun cuisine.

“He was great — he had a good time,” Bosse said. “We had three days around the province, and we had a good time. The opportunity to showcase our county is always top of mind for me.”

The documentary film crew arrived on a Thursday and began filming around the province before the crew resumed filming on a Saturday in New Glasgow for Destination Canada and The Washington Post BrandStudio (branded content team).

The crew stopped first at the New Glasgow Farmers Market and included visits to the Pork Shop on Westville Road, and the Lakenman Family Farm in Bay View.

Part of the theme is appreciating what food items are produced and how they are prepared as nourishing and appealing courses.

Toups said he’s been impressed with what he’s seen, including the various food items available for sale at places like the farmers market.

“It’s a great nexus of all these local vendors and they come together,” he said. “I’m having a great time.”

New Orleans chef Isaac Toups and Kilted Chef Alain Bosse pause during a film shoot. (Goodwin photo)