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A skip across The Pond was the inspiration needed for the folks at Dream Candy as they made their way to Scotland for the Social Enterprise World Forum held mid-September.

Deelle Hines and Camilla MacDonald attended the conference that featured approximately 1,400 delegates from all over the world.

Aside from the beautiful scenery and architecture of Edinburgh, the pair found themselves amazed at the other delegates who were in attendance and some of the things that were being accomplished across the world in the realm of social entrepreneurship and social enterprises.

“The biggest thing for us was realizing how much the youth are valued in social entrepreneurship,” said Hines about what they were most excited to learn about while attending. Scotland, known as a world leader in social enterprises and entrepreneurship, teaches children about the tools and benefits of the industry to students as low as elementary school age, something Hines found wonderful as their organization as a large focus on children and confidence building.

“They had youth up on the stage presenting their ideas,” she said, adding that was incredible to watch.

The trip has inspired the non-profit to take the commitment to youth one step further and open a seat for a youth member on the organization’s board to allow them to have a seat at the table. They also plan on becoming bigger advocates for social entrepreneurship in the community around them.

“It’s people thinking much bigger about how they can change things,” she said. “We can all work together and if we really value the social issues we can change them.”

Pictured are Camilla MacDonald and Deelle Hines of Dream Candy in Stellarton during their trip to Edinburgh, Scotland for the Social Enterprise World Forum held mid-September. (Submitted photo)