All seniors at high risk should be entitled to flu vaccine


To The Editor:

In writing this letter I find it very hard to believe that the Nova Scotia Health Dept. when making available a high dose of flu vaccine will only be giving it to seniors in nursing care homes and not to other seniors that are at high risk. For being a veteran and a senior myself and on oxygen twenty-four seven as well as a taxpayer of the province of Nova Scotia, I would like to say that I have the right to this high dose flu vaccine along with all seniors of this province and not just those in nursing homes.

I believe that any and all seniors are at risk when it comes to the flu and not just those in nursing homes, for seniors do go out shopping and to other places where the flu is found.

So it is time for the Health Dept. to step up to the plate and do the right thing for all seniors and not those in the nursing homes. I would hope that all seniors would contact their MLAs to protest this decision.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow