Storytellers and their songs hosted by Guthro at deCoste

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It’s no secret that East Coast musicians are known for their famous storytelling songs of all genres. It is this story and inspiration that makes events like Bruce Guthro’s Songwriters Circle so magical for the audience.

During a normal show on stage, Guthro might share a little bit about his songs but what he likes about the songwriters’ circle is that the experience is much more up close and personal for the audience.

“We want to build them at the deCoste,” said Guthro. The series of shows is a staple in Halifax and usually sold out due to high popularity. Guthro enjoys being able to sit down with friends and talk about different songs. “We play our songs, our hits and our new stuff and perform them acoustically, probably how they were written.”

With the artists all sitting in a circle and chatting away, the audience gets a really intimate picture of each artist and what inspires them to make their music.

“The audience all comments they like the fact that it’s like they’re standing against the wall in a living room setting and watching the artists do what they do,” he said.

Guthro has been around the music industry for many years and with that comes connections. One of the features of Guthro’s songwriters’ circle is the amazing talent that he is able to pull together for the show — whether it be heavy hitters and familiar names, or artists that are just starting out and making a name for themselves.

“I try to mix it up. I always try to have at least two heavyweights — established artists — and I try to drop in at least one artist that is just getting into the industry,” Guthro added. He mentioned that he likes to shake things up and keep things moving along as the host as well so the show never has a dull moment. As host, Guthro really stays in tune with what the vibe of the room is feeling like and will add in whatever one of his songs he thinks will best suit the vibe.

“I always get a real charge out of doing some new stuff,” he said though. Although he will play some of his biggest hits and some humorous songs, Guthro really enjoys sharing the new creations that he is working on or just finished, a chance to for the audience to hear something they have never heard before.

Guthro is hoping that with the popularity of the show — which was packed the last time it made its way to Pictou — he will be able to see a bit more of the county and continue the series.

With him this time will be Terry Kelly, Kim Dunn and Heather Rankin.

“I’d like to throw a thank you to Troy (Greencorn) and the crew for bringing the show to Pictou,” he said. “I’d love to continue the series there.”

Pictured, top, Bruce Guthro, bottom left, Heather Rankin, Terry Kelly and Kim Dunn, who will all be joining Guthro for his latest songwriters circle in Pictou at the deCoste on October 26.