Christmas concerts involved entire community

Online First Pictou Island Memories

Hilton A. McCully taught in the Pictou Island School 1944-46. The teacher, students and other islanders would participate in making up a program that was to be presented at the annual Christmas concert. Islanders would partake in helping to put on a real hilarious show every year. Most of the material used in the skits would be focused on something that at one time happened to them. This would, of course, create much entertainment for all islanders in attendance. Nina MacMillan, Joan MacDonald and Duncan Rankin were those who assisted Hilton McCully during the 1945 Christmas mas concert. The school children would sing Christmas carols and recite poems. Isabel Rankin provided any music that was required on the organ.

I was very fortunate in obtaining some manuscripts that had been made up by Hilton McCully during his stay on the island.

The following was part of Mr. McCully’s writings read by Nina and Duncan Rankin to other islanders in the Pictou Island hall 55 years ago. They were supposedly reading articles from the previous week’s Pictou Advocate.

Mr. Robson, a potato farmer from P.E.I., said that he had one of the best crops of potatoes ever this year. He, however, also says that a fair crop stayed in the ground because of the two pickers who came from Pictou Island, Teddy Hooper and Anderson MacLean. He said that their eyesight was poor but there was nothing wrong with their stomachs. He stated that his faithful dog died on account of those two because after every meal, there was never anything left for the dog to eat.

Sign posted at Pictou Island wharf: If ever you should require a taxi while on Pictou Island, call Edward Rankin. If you don’t mind the dust, you can be assured of careful driving. Edward follows all posted speed limits. He will take you to any place on the island for a quart of beer.

Court Notes: Ernie Rankin and Vincent Turple have been tried recently for driving over posted 10 mile per hour speed limit and for having no muffler on their car. Ten days in jail and 25 cent fine.

Help wanted column: Anyone interested in model aeroplanes or wanting a cranberry picker can have guaranteed work at a reasonable price. Order early from Alvin MacLean and avoid the rush. All orders guaranteed.

Callie MacCallum and Punch Patterson have both ordered a henhouse from Roy MacCallum. They are thinking of starting out with Rhode Island Reds. We wish Punch luck with the red ones, as he failed miserably with the red headed girl from Pictou.

Charlie Dan had ordered a load of hay from the mainland and Charlie Turple was taking it over on the Jenny R. Charlie Dan had to sell his cows however to pay for the hay.

Wanted column: A nice looking women and a good cook wanted for the cold winter months, as I am all alone and get very lonely at times. Anyone interested in this ad, please get in touch with Logan MacDonald, Pictou Island.

One set of 15-foot hardwood oars required for Jack Duncan’s rowboat. The longer the oars, the faster Jack Duncan can row.

Notice: Marriage license granted to Captain John MacFarlane and Miss Florence. Honey Moon to take place on Charlie Turple’s Jennie R.

Anderson MacLean