Former Lion says expulsion unfair


To the Editor:

This is an open letter to Lions Clubs International.

I am an 88-year-old veteran serving 25 years in the Royal Canadian Navy. Besides the Lions, I belonged to different organizations — 30 years as a Gideon member, 15 years volunteering for the Salvation Army, four years Pet Therapy going to vet wings and recovery unit, active in all my church programs.

I was asked by a member of the Pictou and Area Lions Club to join their club about 21-22 years ago. I liked the club and took part in their activities.

In May of this year, some members of our club over took our regular meeting and started running the club the way they want. This caused many of our members to quit the Lions or transfer to another club.

I attended the club regular meeting on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 and was told I was just a guest and could not take part in the meeting. I went to the next regular meeting on October 24. At this meeting I was told that they had to take a vote to see if I was accepted as a member or be put out of the club.

The Lions got up and went into another room, leaving me alone in the meeting room. When they came out of the other room the King Lion informed me that I was voted out of the club. At that time I got up and left.

I called a former member of the Pictou and Area Lions Club and asked if the Pictou and Area Lions Club could do this to me. He told me they would have to have grounds to do this; you can’t vote a member out just because you don’t like them. He also told me there is a Lions Member Expulsion Check List that they have to follow. There were two things in this check list that were very interesting to me.

1. Tactful handling and fairness should be the primary concern; keeping in mind that expulsion of a Lions member is the most extreme penalty a club can impose.

2. The member being considered for expulsion shall be notified in writing of the following process: The date, time and location where the Lion member may be heard. The accused member shall be allowed to produce witnesses. The accused member shall be allowed the assistance of any Lion of their choosing at the hearing.

I fail to see where there is fairness here as I do not know what the club is accusing me of. I never received anything in writing from the Pictou and Area Lions Club and I was a member in good standing. Is it because they don’t like me or is it because I had an accident and lost the sight in my left eye and they don’t like the look of it?

I am asking Lions Clubs International to check into this and please tell me why I was expelled from the Pictou and Area Lions Club. Was this expulsion done fairly?

Stanley Jones

Hardwood Hill