Government in (in)action


To the Editor:

Antigonish TIR removed my driveway culverts without notification or agreement. When I asked (continually for six weeks) where they were and can I have them back, I was told that they had chewed them up and were sent to Highway Heaven with no chance of return.

So instead of going straight to God or Justin Trudeau, I decided to start at the bottom where the real workers are. So having passed through some angels and demons in the form of supervisors, area managers and managers of area managers, I started on the plush corridors of power of MLAs , MPs, the Minister and the premier and even the ombudsman.

Surprisingly, very little information or reply was forthcoming and this has now dragged on for nine months and still no driveway — but rest assured, apparently this has no effect on my ability or responsibility of paying taxes.

If government cannot sort out a very simple matter of restoring the crap they inflict on their subjects, how can we trust them to sort out anything of consequence? Would a Conservative or NDP government have acted more professionally and compassionately? I doubt it because, after all, what becomes of promises made in the heat of elections when the cold sobering day of actually having to work for their inflated salaries and world busting pensions are finally secured?

Next election, I’m voting a penguin into power because they can’t possibly do any worse!

Mark Shepherd

Lyons Brook