Bonnell making deCoste debut with The Once

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Upbeat and soulful, Megan Bonnell is bringing her signature sound to the East Coast and for the first time, to Pictou County.

Having been to the Maritimes previously, Bonnell is looking forward to branching out to a new part of Nova Scotia and taking in Pictou County as well as performing at the de Coste Performing Arts Centre.

Bonnell’s December 1 show with The Once on the deCoste stage will mark the end of a tour for the artist that has been touring much of this year after releasing her latest album, Separate Rooms.

“It’s the last show of my tour,” she said. “It’ll be a nice home run show.”

Although it has been a while, the Toronto singer-songwriter said she is thrilled to be able to play out East again. Bonnell grew up in farm country outside of Toronto and the city area and moved to the city to pursue her career. She has been busy travelling since the album release in the spring. The tour ending in Pictou will mark the finale of her fourth tour of the year, just in time to head home for the holidays.

“There’s honestly nothing like it,” she said. “There’s so much soul in the venues out there… I think it’s really nice as Canadian artists with a country so vast to be able to go to smaller communities.”

The musician’s latest album is a pop and folk mix with thoughtful lyrics. Although some songs she shares are more thoughtful, a few still have a good groove to them.

“The title track is always nice to play,” she said. “It just hasn’t gotten old.”