The Once is ready to shake up the deCoste

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Making their way to Pictou from Newfoundland, The Once are thrilled to be able to play the deCoste Performing Arts Centre stage and share some of their indie folk music with Pictou County.

After just releasing their fourth studio album in May, the group toured a bit, took some time off and are back on tour again with this leg of the tour ending in Pictou before heading home for the holidays.

“We went to the UK right away and the summer was pretty quiet,” said band member Geraldine Hollett. “We just finished the West Coast and Newfoundland.”

The band is excited to be able to end their tour in Pictou County and are looking forward to celebrating with the audience and having a good time on stage to go out with a bang. Hollett added that it can sometimes be tough to play a show in an area where a lot of people may not know your music but added, “I think they’d be surprised,” she said.

The band is all set to play in Pictou on December 1 with tickets available at the deCoste box office and online.

She added that the group loves touring but it’s always great to be able to play for smaller towns and not just cities all the time.

“I grew up in a small town and that’s where the heart is,” she said. For anyone who might not have had the chance to hear the music of The Once, Hollett describes it as indie folk with hints of rock, pop, Americana and roots. The set is also very acoustic and vocal driven. True to their Atlantic Canadian roots, band members love to tell stories about their songs and other little anecdotes during the set, something that is quite familiar to Pictou County music fans.

Hollett is looking forward to continuing playing their new record, Time Enough, and is excited for more people to hear the music the band worked hard on.

“We have a hard time categorizing ourselves,” she laughed. “We’re not trying to be anything, we just are.”