Mill taking action against fishermen

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Northern Pulp is taking action against the fishermen who prevented the survey of the Northumberland Strait.

Kathy Cloutier, director of Corporate Communications for Paper Excellence Canada which owns Northern Pul, has confirmed the move.

“Northern Pulp has initiated an action seeking an interim injunction to prevent blockades and/or other obstructions clearing the way for contracted consultants to conduct survey work of the proposed wastewater discharge area,” she said in an email.

Local fishermen have vowed to block any survey boats from entering the Strait and have done just that.

Cloutier says in the email: “Our hope was that the surveying would be allowed to occur without incident or obstruction, however actions indicated that the environmental assessment survey work would not proceed without the company seeking a court injunction.”

Northern Pulp’s new proposed plan for disposing its treated effluent after Boat Harbour closes has been controversial.  The plan to pump it into the Strait has raised the ire of local fishermen as well as fishermen from P.E.I. in addition to the P.E.I. government and even Hollywood actor Ellen Page, who is from Halifax.

According to CBC,  the court documents have been filed and said a court date is scheduled for Dec. 18.